GTA 5 Online How To Get The Tow Truck


GTA 5 Online How To Get The Tow Truck GTAV Online Tow Truck GTA Online Tow Truck How to get the Tow Truck GTA Online

To get this car online you will need to have a few things one of them is to have a spare space in your garage and someone who has one all ready,

Once you have these things the way to do it is

Step 1 get into your friends Tow Truck

Step 2 You start a mission any will do ( But Gerald & Simion Missions Work Best)

Step 3 this will start you on the mission in the Tow Truck

Step 4 Take it straight to your garage

Step 5 Then leave your garage get out of your car And check it has a tracker ( little White Car symbol)

Step 6 So now its your car open your phone and open current mission, Press X to end the mission

This will put you back in the session Put insurance on it and your done

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